Digital Training

We have our own WIN performance app in the apple and google play stores!

We have a 3 phase program that runs for 12 weeks and is great for our athletes looking to stay in shape while out of the gym or away at school. We wrote the program as an extension of win performance so that you will get similar workouts as if you were in the facility training with us. Take win performance with you everywhere you go!

WIN 12 Week Program
Phase 1

4 weeks – Hypertrophy

Phase 2

4 weeks – Max Strength

Phase 3

4 weeks – Max Power

Workout Structure

Warm Up

Main Superset

Auxiliary Lift

Core Circuit

Home Gym Needs

Barbell & Squat Rack w/ Weights


Performance Bands

Other Offerings

Our trainers can also write a more detailed program that is more specific to you and your goals. We understand your goals are always changing and we want to assist you in every way we can! We can write these custom workouts for 1x- 4x week.

Digital Training

Athlete Type
  • Collegiate
  • High School
  • Youth
  • Adult Performance
MonthlyMust Commit To One Year
  • $35
12-Week Program
  • $300
CustomPer Workout
  • $25

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